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The Pregso Story

At PREGSO, we believe there is a better way to deal with stress, depression and other hormonal imbalances before, during and after Pregnancy.

As YOGA has been around for so many years but its true potential to help women with their pregnancy experience is undermined. Natural birth has declined drastically due to the choices of lifestyle been made in the urban world.

PREGSO came into existence to mine the true potential of YOGA and promote healthy lifestyle.

So, PREGSO began with a team of three Mrs. Rachna ( 16 years Experienced-YOGA Instructor ) , Mrs. Aarthi( YOGA PROGRAM – TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT) , Mrs. Nazish (Nutrition Program)as core members having experience and interest particularly with Pregnancy.

YOGA is incomplete if Nutrition is not taken care of. Thus, we developed programs where YOGA and Nutrition complements each-other to provide you with a lifestyle that improves your overall metabolism for a comfortable childbirth, and you connect with your baby before birth in the best way possible.

While you have made up your mind for a healthy lifestyle, the troubles you must go through for choosing the best YOGA instructor for yourself among so many and figure out which one is the best for you is another nightmarish task.

Just like, every key cannot open every lock, we at PREGSO developed a unique system to meet your requirements and connect you with verified and the best YOGA instructor to match your health need.

We are excited to work with you and be your partner through your wonderful journey towards motherhood.