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11 Things About Pregnancy That No One Tells You About!

Nothing feels more overwhelming than getting those two red lines spotted on the pregnancy strip.

And that’s because you don’t know what’s going to happen next!

You might decide to read all the motherhood and pregnancy books before you conceive or just after you conceive, to get a clear idea as to what you might expect. But trust me, nothing else teaches you better than real life. And only when you’re FINALLY pregnant, you realize that it’s not all about glow and tangy cravings!

So, to help all the mommies-to-be out there, here I present some of the most unexpected things that can happen in pregnancy that probably no one tells you about!

1. Gas And Indigestion

I literally thought pregnancy was all about dizziness, puking and getting sudden cravings. I literally didn’t ever think that once you conceive, your digestive system would be prone to gas and indigestion than ever.

Gas and digestion issues are probably the most common issue that you will face during your pregnancy. You might burp louder than you think and that can be terrible for everyone else. So, let your partner know beforehand as to what you might have to endure in the coming days. All thanks to pregnancy hormone called progesterone. Its high levels can make your body produce more gas than you ever thought about.

Try not to skip meals. Instead have, what you can, of course, in small quantities frequently throughout the day. Stay hydrated. Keep caffeine and carbonated drinks at bay.

2. You Might Hate the Food You Love

I love pizza. I literally love it A LOT!

But once I conceived due to some reason or the other, I almost hated it. So much so that I even couldn’t stand its sight.

Pregnancy is an ongoing process and with that, your hormones do a lot of work. Which as a result might make you to even hate things that you loved the most since childhood.
So, be ready for that!

3. You Might Love The Food You Hate

Yes, just like hating the food you love, pregnancy hormones might even make you love the food that you once hated.

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t like sweets that much. The only “sweet” thing that I loved was chocolate.

Quite unexpectedly, pregnancy made me loves sweets so so much! I used to keep watching YouTube food channels for those exotic chocolate cake recipes almost every night.

Don’t worry, it’s quite normal and would probably fade away once you give birth.

4. Morning Sickness Is Worse Than You Thought

All my life before I got pregnant, I thought pregnancy includes vomiting. Just that.

I literally had no idea about disgusting morning sickness that can actually hit any time. Just any time of the day.

You feel nauseous, you feel hungry and you can’t eat because you are nauseated. Which eventually makes you again feel hungry.

It’s such a detestable chain!

Stay calm, mostly it lasts for the first trimester. And you know what’s the good news, getting morning sickness is generally a sign of a healthy pregnancy. So, yay to all the unpleasantness!

5. Olfaction Sense Might Become Stronger

I love rice. But once I hit my pregnancy’s first trimester, I literally hated cooking rice.

That smell made me throw up whatever little I had in the breakfast.

It’s not quite uncommon for your nose to get sensitive even with the simplest of the smells. From noodles to rice water, you might literally end up hating most of the things back at home.

Wonder why? It’s because of your hormones that play a whirlwind during your pregnancy. Stay calm. If everything goes well, it might pass off during the first trimester. Not wanting to scare you, but it can also last till the very last week.

Remember, every pregnancy is different!

6. Super Weird Cravings

I used to think that the only craving that one can expect during pregnancy is that of pickles.

(Thanks to Bollywood!)

But no one told me that I can almost gulp down an entire shop of sweets in just one day.

Nor did anyone tell me that my super weird cravings would end me up smelling raw fish. Some women even loved dirt and mud. Almost all the time! Yes, it does happen and can happen with you as well.

Super weird cravings are totally normal during pregnancy that you should be least worried about. Instead, enjoy this phase by making as much as demands from your husband.

7. You Might Glow More Than Ever

I was one of those lucky ones who glowed more than ever during my pregnancy. I never looked that beautiful nor did my skin shine ever even before I got pregnant. But that was after the first trimester when the morning sickness had a great fall.

Most of the women often say that pregnant women who glow a lot carry a girl. But that’s not always true. Pregnancy glow mostly happens, again, because of the hormones and greater blood volumes that help in bringing more blood to your vessels.

Trust me, only your body knows what’s carrying! Don’t fall for the loopholes!

8. Itchy Abdomen

As your pregnancy develops, so does your belly! It stretches, makes some space inside for your little angel along with doing a whole lot of functions.

And with all the skin stretching and tightening, the most common thing that you would have to face is itching.

You might feel like itching just the abdomen for almost all day. To keep all the itching at bay, keep your skin moisturized. Instead of just hopping into any cream, consult your gynecologist. I mean who wants to take any chance during pregnancy, right?

9. Depression

Yes, we all know about post-partum depression but not many of us know about depression during pregnancy.

While being pregnant, you might suddenly feel isolated or may lose interest in things that often delighted you once. Spend more time with your loved ones. Do those things, if possible, that you always wanted to do. Keep yourself busy and most importantly, talk it out with your partner or with anyone close. Depression, when untreated during pregnancy, can be bad for your baby.

10. The First Kick Is Magical

You might have seen in movies about all the hype of a baby’s kicks in the womb. But honestly, that hype is actually quite true. In fact, the one word that can describe those kicks is just magical.

Your baby might float from one way to the other in the womb or might just keep on kicking. The first moves are always so priceless and it also feels so great. Adding to that, once when you listen to those tiny yet pretty fast heartbeats for the first time, you would literally forget the entire stressful journey.

11. It Will Be Worth It

From morning sickness to 24hr long itching sessions and from loud burping every now and then to almost feeling throwing up even at the sight of soap, the entire pregnancy journey will DEFINITELY be worth it.

You are about to give birth to a tiny human. Isn’t the very thought of it overwhelming?

Once you finally deliver the baby, the whole journey would soon feel so unparalleled. Also in spite of everything, you would love to have everything again.