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6 Ways Motherhood Changes You To Become A Better Person!

Before entering motherhood, a woman literally stays carefree. You can sleep when you want, eat what you want and can hang out whenever you want.


But once a baby comes in our lives, whose literally the whole survival primarily depends on us, things change. We change!


You take charge of almost the whole universe surrounding the child. And that directly brings a whole lot of changes on you-physically and psychologically!


Let’s check out in what ways motherhood brings a massive change in a mother’s life.


  1. You Care Less About Your Look


Before I became a mother, I used to click at least 100 pictures to get the perfect selfie uploaded.


Skip some years and now I am a mother. I have dark circles, stress and some extra weight. But trust me, I just don’t care.


These flaws are my badges that motherhood gave me. And I actually no longer feel awkward going out with literally no-makeup. Motherhood has helped me embrace my flaws because I have realized the ones who really love you don’t at all care about your looks. Like your children!


  1. You Learn Setting Priorities


Before being a mom, it was all about you. You can do ANYTHING whenever you wanted to!


Once you have a tiny human, the entire schedule changes. Because now you know how every action of yours can have a direct impact on your child.


You now decide to set tasks according to their priority levels. Minor yet important things like having your lunch and taking time for that party makeup has taken a backseat. You now decide whether your child is getting all the nutrition daily or whether it’s ok to let him get some screen time. Motherhood makes you realize that life and love are more about caring for your loved ones.


  1. You Learn Patience


If you thought, motherhood is all about cute motherly love and kisses, you’re wrong!

The very essence of being a mother is patience.


From the very conception period till almost forever, patience is THE key.


You will have to stay up during the newborn phase. Your toddler will refuse to eat. Your child will refuse to go to school. The teenager will not let his parents drop to school. And the list just goes on!


At every stage, you will almost lose your cool. You would feel like giving up. But in spite of everything, you keep going on. You know a single bad action can have terrible consequences on your child’s upbringing. You calm yourself down and say to yourself. “I can do this!”


Motherhood is actually THIS beautiful! You would keep doing this every single day with complete joy and patience! Just because, these humans matter. A lot!


  1. You Learn To Be Disciplined


Being a mother is not just about feeding baby or just taking care of their health. It’s also about raising proper humans who can have a big impact in this world or at least to the society in some way or the other.


You learn the importance of disciplining your baby. But the fun fact is baby learn by watching their parents. So, if you want them to be disciplined, you too need to maintain the same. You need to control your tongue when you speak, you need to maintain proper bedtimes, you need to eat food properly, dress properly and talk properly.


You learn to self-discipline because you need to discipline your baby! And trust me, discipline is very important!


  1. You Learn To Be Strong


Remember those days when even minor fever made you feel as if you’re almost dead! Once you’re a mom, you learn to be strong. Even if you have a broken hand, you would somehow manage to take care of the entire house along with raising a child, while being totally sleep deprived. Motherhood brings out the inner strengths that you thought never existed.


  1. You Now Respect Your Parents More


And finally, when you too have become a parent, you know how many sacrifices your parents made for you. You now know how much your mother was in pain when you screamed at her just to be with your friends. You now know what it truly takes to be a parent! And that makes you respect your parents more than ever!


I was carefree, but lost! Now I am a mother, I am the strength that was my pursuit!