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Post-Partum Yoga

Yoga Helps to recover your body after the delivery.

You have done it right for the nine months and now it’s a time when you need to recover by yourself. A woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy. These changes cause a lot of stress to all parts of the body and the process of carrying a baby and giving birth is painful. Yoga after delivery is a great way to gradually soothe the strain that your body has gone through over the period.

Control Weight Gains:

Weight gain is one of the concerns after the delivery and it makes your body dull and leads to different problems over the period of time. To control over weight gain is not an easy to do. However Yoga is a tried and tested ancient regimen; some discipline and a little time per day to perform yoga can yield fantastic results for losing weight post-pregnancy.

Makes you relax and restores Hormonal Imbalance:

Pregnancy and birth is a time of intense hormonal changes in the mother’s body. Postnatal yoga can help this issue, by encouraging relaxation and the restoration of hormonal balance in the body, easing pressure on the nervous system and creating a safe space where new mothers can focus on relaxing and letting go of stress. Yoga does not let Postpartum Depression to come on you.

Prepares you again to follow your life and back you to your work:

It is again a challenge for mothers to start their career again after the marathon journey of pregnancy. Life completely changes and in most of the cases it leads to the depression and makes the new mother feel insecure but Yoga is one of the best way to rebuild your stamina,rebuild flexibility,builds up spinal strength,ease stress and restores hormonal imbalance.